Yesterday we had a contest:

The 1st person to comment the latest blog post would be featured in my next portrait (on uStream). Well, part of that came to pass. We got comments and a portrait got rocked, but it wasn’t on uStream, however there is footage somewhere.

But you’ll have to wait on that.  I was really excited to have this model, because he had such an impact on my life. John Her and I met in the 3rd grade and even then he was a super artist, in fact his skill level was what I aspired to be one day…You know how you have that homie and it’s just in his blood? Well, that was John not me. LOL.  Drawing effortlessly and giving the finished product to either myself or our friend Mike, John was a beast from day 1.  So, here’s my small attempt to give back.



Next up: We’ve got a special surprise.

Charcoal on toned paper