We forgot to talk about that LA trip tho…

Hey folks, a bunch has been popping underneath the hood, a few months back I took a trip out to LA


Rosco’s over in Anaheim for the 1st time. I usually partake in the West LA or Pasadena spots when I’m in the area.




The Waitress let me know that the Squad could get a better deal than what we were about to order.



Straight Fire



Kept it official and hit up the supplier
I was here to soak up the game. Photo cred: David Gordin
Pushing that paint. Photo cred: David Grodin


Here’s my 3 hour Alla Prima oil painting. This actually marks the 1st art class I have ever attended in the flesh (I was hella giddy). I learned a whole bunch. It was by far my most humbling and motivating art experience to date. Shout outs to Shawn Barber and Carl Dobsky for dropping knowledge.




No pork on the fork, hit up the Ramen spot Shinsingumi but all I could mess with was this super bomb chicken bowl.
This drink had a marble in it.



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