Major Update!!!

Well it’s been quite some time since I have last posted, which is a general theme. I always have this Grand idea of putting things on my blog to show appreciation for those who actually follow it. Somehow Instagram’s readily accessible posting seems to take precedence.

So without further Ado, let’s get started with the update, and what’s really been poppin’.

For September’s Arthop I got the opportunity to show my work at the Banker’s Ballroom in Fresno. I decided to only take a few pieces and do a live painting  (which I didn’t finish). This was my 1st showing in forever, which made it a good point to step my social media follower game up.

Take 3 Burgers had a Tupac themed Cafe and I heard about it super short notice and busted out this drawing for the cause.

At this point I’m starting to get back in the painting groove. Things seem to be falling into place. Reflecting on how I struggled through the painting of Ocean, and didn’t finish the live one. I needed more practice. Eagerly I painted this as a study of a potential client, that seemed to disappear. Thats the way the game goes. Soon after the opportunity popped up for me to get a spot at Broadway Studios. Thats right! We went from the hallway in 2010 to an actual spot, its full circle and gods work. 

When I got into Broadway the first thing I finished (after burning hella sage) was the painting of my nephew Thorne. Due to circumstances beyond my control I missed December arthop. The next month I had to really show up.

Alright, I got a bunch of stuff up for Arthop. It went well, I sold a drawing! People were either  really hyped or someone paid a bunch of skilled actors. They asked for prints of my artwork and I struggled with the decision to provide them,or just do originals. 

This was the first time I actually was in the Fishbowl so to speak. Having to talk about my art the people, was very therapeutic. I was more curious about how they felt, and what they liked. Very surprised I was…I merely pick things that inspire me, and release whatever is going on with me into it.

Here is where we step into the Acedemic phase. January had us studying Bargue plates. Up until this point I have always tried to keep it 100 with myself in the art department.  But this stuff right here…. Training to be a better artist, I need to level up. These drawings require a ton of prep and concentration, it’s pretty satisfying. 

I spent most of my art time working on these, and next thing you know we got another Arthop pending. The main thing is to make measurable progress. I wanted to crank out some drawings, too much thought goes into this stuff at times.

With all the stuff that’s going on I wanted to flip some powerful ass women. Serena Williams has been killing the game in every way possible, 23 Grand Slams?!? After that Angela Davis seemed due because she showed that the system is on some dumbshit, but people can prevail. Also, it’s nice to have fun with drawings instead of being so serious.

Mandela was there as well…

I think he would want me to take a coffee break at this point.  We will cover the rest in Update pt.2


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