The weekend in Review pt.1

I’ll start this off by saying life is short. Too short in fact. It has been a tough road this past 2 weeks. Recently my long time homie Daniel Osterhoff aka Dj Whores aka Whore 24 passed away without any warning. I have had a few friends pass away, but never have I actually got all shakey like when Dan-o left. So I decided to try to channel all of that into 1 bad-ass drawing.  Not only because he was like that cool ass cousin always telling me “roll through”, but he was a impeccable artist as well. The portrait took about a week, and there was a mini tornado inside me every step of the way. 

I got out to Sac for the memorial event, there had to be at least 500 people there. The craziest thing is we all had DanO in common. I met great people and we exchanged stories, while reflecting on what a positive beacon of light one individual. In the midst of all this my old school homie Nore and chopped it up about future art schemes. I came to the realization it’s best to do portraits of my friends while they can enjoy them.


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